AirportDestination: airport?
Are you looking for a driver for Malpensa, Linate or any other airport?
Verzeletti car hire can meet your needs to go to and from any airport in northern Italy and beyond (Milan Malpensa, Milan Linate, Bergamo Orio al Serio, Verona Villafranca, Turin Caselle, Venice, Verona, Bologna, Nice - Monte Carlo, Zurich, etc.).
In addition to the comfortably ride to your destination, our service also includes checking the flight number, for any cancellations, early or delayed flights, for which we will try to contact the airport directly, in order to ensure a calm ride.
We offer agreements for companies, which include detailed invoicing and facilitated payments (access the section). Just tell us where and when we should pick you up – let us deal with the rest.
Car hire for the airport
StazioneGoing to the train station?
Verzeletti care hire can also take you to all of the train stations in northern Italy. New high speed trains are a valid alternative to flying (the Frecciarossa travels at 300 kilometres per hour): in fact, you can go from the centre of Rome to the centre of Milan, through Florence and Bologna, in about three and a half hours.
Although it's important to cover long distances quickly, it's just as important not to neglect what might seem like small details. Being picked up by a discrete and private driver at your complete disposal, ready to drive you to a work or leisure appointment will save you even more time.
Car hire for the train station
PortoGoing to the port?
Naturally we are also available for those who, for work or holiday, must take a ferry or cruise. Reach destinations such as Livorno, Piombino, Genoa, Trieste, Venice and all of the main ports in northern Italy punctually.
Holiday stress includes having to packing your bags and not forget anything – no need to worry over where to park the car or have to spend time at the wheel. Call Verzeletti car hire, so your holiday can start the moment the chauffeur accommodates you in the car and drives you comfortably to your destination!
Car hire for the port
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